Our Brand
Maker of superior dive watches. Andersmann focuses on QUALITY, CLASSIC and MINIMALISTIC DESIGN dive watches. All of our watches are assembled in Bienne, Switzerland where is claimed to be the heart of Swiss watch making industry. Our watches are made using best quality grade stainless steel, sapphire crystals, and Swiss automatic movements. These components are made and assembled in Switzerland by highly skilled watchmakers. The combination of all these with superb finishing made our watches comparable to world top watch brands.

Our watches are geared towards all Swiss watch lovers and collectors, who looking for quality watches selling at a reasonable price.
Quality Assurance
Andersmann is on the front line to ensure the quality of its creations. All Andersmann dive watches have passed water resistance and pressure tests conducted by Metallo-Tests SA, an independent laboratory in Switzerland. All Andersmann watches can withstand the pressure it stated.
Creating a quintessential timepiece requires two essential elements: Timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship. In Andersmann, we handpick only the highest quality materials and artisans to masterfully actualize the design with a state-of-the-art functionality. Every Andersmann dive watch is an exquisite work of art.
Remarkable water resistance quality
A dive watch that goes as deep as 1,000 meters and beyond must be subjected to a series of challenging tests. Andersmann dive watches are water resistant up to 1,000 meters or 3,000 meters (equivalent to 100 bar or 300 bar pressure). Each of the watches is tested by an independent laboratory in Switzerland, guaranteeing its excellent water resistance ability.
Sandblasted Finishing
Andersmann’s persistence does not limit to its functionality. It is immaculate when it comes to finishing as well. To create a stylish matte surface, the case and bezel of some of the models have a glass bead blast finish. It is a process to literally blast beads at a surface to rust and create a sleek, matte, titanium-like texture. It is tasteful and at the same time practical – the finish is anti-finger print, too.
DLC Coating
The case and bezel of some other Andersmann models adopt a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating process to give its surface extra high hardness and high corrosion resistance. DLC is a type of coating with amorphous carbon and hydrogen materials that gives a diamond-like quality to surfaces. It offers the toughest protection to surfaces and brings a touch of class to your wrist-wear.
Sapphire Crystal Glass
Sapphire crystal glass is undoubtedly a sign of superior upscale watches – its high corrosion resistance ability is only second to diamond. Every Andersmann watch is equipped with sapphire crystal glass, with an anti-reflective coating. The brand’s OCEANMASTER series also has a sapphire crystal base to reveal the mesmerizing movement.
Super Luminova
Andersmann’s strive for perfection can be reflected by its attention to details in its design. The hands and markings on the dial are applied with Super-Luminova, an illuminating paint that allow markings to glow and be readable in the dark for up to 10 hours.