Andersmann, the new brand that is talked about urprising for the quality of its watches, impressive by the size of the watch cases and unexpected by its history and origin, Andersmann, new watchmaker with a Swiss Made signature draws us outside the box. Andersmann enlarges the family of watchmakers specializing in diving watches. Much ink has poured about classic watchmakers parts that all lovers of fine watches know. But today admirers of Panerai, Rolex and Omega will find their interest in this roundabout.

Andersmann, the building of a dream with pride, passion and love

The creation of Andersmann is a rather epic story made of dreams, of confrontation of the unknown, of willpower and persuasion, at the image of ocean explorations.

It is not easy to stand out in an elitist market, with a strong competition all while being unknown in this world. But finally the first order, fateful moment for any brand, has arrived.

The interest of Raymond Chan Wai Man for watches goes back 10 years. His father gave him his first watch, a black diving watch. At that moment he did not know he would be the creator of its own models but the passion for watchmaking was already present.

The passion magnified, years elapse and 2014 marks the realization of his ambition. Raymond Chan Wai Man honored his son by giving the brand his name : Anders. “Man” comes from the name of the creator and the additional “n” allows the two names to link.

A diving tool with Swiss expertise

Andersmann designs Swiss Made watches. Entirely manufactured and tested in Switzerland, they are however thought and designed in Hong Kong.

The models contain the movement ETA 2892-A2 (Elegance, Technology, Accuracy). It is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1793 belonging to the Swatch Group, based in Granges, Switzerland. The factory has become a must thanks to the quality of its products. It produces attachments for watches of the Swatch Group (amounting to 19 watch brands) but also an impressive number of watch brands.

The brand’s signature

The Andersmann watches carry several signatures. These are watches qualities of classic and refined style. The focus is on details like crystal sapphire or dial with granularity. They are however distinguished by casings a diameter of 47mm. A choice certainly aesthetics, but also for better visibility.

The bracelets watches are natural rubber allowing a totally sporty dimension and Italian leather for a more urban style. In this digital age the parts are essentially ordered via the Internet.

These are practical, functional watches that can be used in daily life as well as for diving up to 1000 meters deep.

The design reminds us in some ways of Panerai watches. That said, many brands publish watches that resemble other brand (eg Rolex) but this does not diminish the quality of the watch. Besides the robustness of these watches has been designed to pass the generations.

The Andersmann Oceanmaster

Andersmann published two collections limited to 100 copies each: the Oceanmaster I and the Oceanmaster II. Both have the distinction of having a larger casing, 47 mm, particularly for underwater visibility.

Waterproof up 1000m, we find all the qualities we are looking for in a dive watch: it is shock resistant, robust, has needles, markers and luminous Arabic numerals.

The black dial granularity fall of a perfect game of symmetry on which wanders a second hand with the “lollipop” style.

The performances are due to the high performance automatic movement ETA 2892-A2, which gives a 42 hours power reserve.

The Oceanmaster I is available in 3 copies. On its heptagonal case, we can tell the time thanks to the blue and beige hands, one color for the hour and another for the minute. The second release, the Oceanmaster II, in two versions, is more mixed and cut with a special bezel and a pusher for better hand grip.

Plans for the future?

Andersmann continue to develop its diving watches. The success of the brand resounded worldwide and more distributors seek to distribute its watches in their countries but for the moment Andersmann focuses on Internet marketing.

The CEO Andersmann, it was understood, travels a lot. Indeed, one might think that his future will be creating an Andersmann GMT. We asked him … and we will have to wait a bit because it’s not the next surprise he has in mind right now.